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Lilla Hangay’s work is driven by a need to translate mysterious inner worlds into frantic lines and bold color. For more than two decades linear constraints of rectangles and frames have been replaced by custom shapes and self contained planets, cut from wood panels. Abstract organic compositions continue to erupt.

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“Emet Martinez is a self–taught fine arts photographer with a constantly evolving photographic style ranging from realistic to abstract.  He grew up in the Philippines where his appreciation for nature and the environment started. His move to Southern California in 1991 introduced Emet to the amazing land- and seascapes of the state. The different gardens and nature preserves in California became his classroom for his photography and experimentations in abstract and macro photography.
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Mark Brewer’s expressive illustrations have parked themselves on the pages and covers of internationally distributed publications including The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Golfstyles Magazine to name a few.

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